Scholarships and Grant Opportunities that International Students are Eligible For


Hi there! As an international scholar pursuing a research career in a foreign country, I have to say that it is not easy at all times - well it is not easy most of the time. There are a lot fewer opportunities that international students are eligible for compared to US citizens. For example, international students are not eligible for any of the NIH F-awards or T-awards or any of the NSF predoctoral or postdoctoral training awards.

I have compiled a list of resources for international students in speech and hearing sciences / communication sciences and disorders / speech-language pathology as I move along this journey from an undergraduate to a postdoc. I hope you will find this page helpful!

*This is a new page that I am working on in chunks and will keep adding things to it as I go!

  • CAPCSD Scholarships

Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) offers multiple scholarships. The two scholarships that international PhD students can apply for are the PhD Scholarship and the Plural Publishing Research Scholarship.

The PhD Scholarship is a limited opportunity submission, meaning that each university may only nominate one applicant for this scholarship. For example, at Vanderbilt University, we had an internal review process so that only one applicant is selected and submitted their application. If this is something you are interested in applying, I'd start the application process early and check in with your program director to understand the selection procedure and internal deadline.

  • ASHFoundation Scholarships

ASHFoundation has TONS of opportunities that international students can apply for! Check out this page which contains information for all scholarship and research grant opportunities.

I have included a screenshot of the scholarship they offer below:

As you can see, they even have a scholarship specifically for international students!!! I would highly highly recommend applying for that for a couple reasons: (1) there really aren't a lot of opportunities for international students to demonstrate their writing or grant writing ability so I honestly feel it would be a shame to pass on any opportunity that I am eligible for; (2) I remember that I need to write a statement in addition to an essay. I did not realize at the time of the application, but the statement I wrote actually gave me a jump start to think about connecting my different research projects into a coherent narrative, which is something I had to do later on when I apply for other grants or jobs! So it's an opportunity for you to start thinking about this early - your future self will thank you for this; and (3) you get $5,000 to support your study!

I applied back in 2017 and got this scholarship. Happy to share my material if you email me at

In addition to these scholarships, the ASHFoundation also offer small research grants for students and new investigators. For example, there are a couple small graduate student grant opportunities ($2,000) for students studying early language development, audiology, and speech science. It's really good opportunity to practice grant writing early on!

  • Organization/Foundation Grant

Depending on the specific topic that you study, there may be organizations that serve a specific population that you study that may offer different types of scholarships or grants. For example, in one line of my research, I study language development in children with autism spectrum disorder. There are several different organizations that have grant opportunities that I am eligible for.

I have compiled the ones that I am aware of below:

  1. Organization for Autism Research - Graduate Research Grant

  2. Autism Speaks used to have an annual predoctoral fellowship with no restriction on one's research focus. But in recent years, they only fund predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships for applicants whose research focuses on Central Auditory Processing Disorders. Check out more about their opportunities here.

  • ASHA Award Programs

If you are in the field of speech-language pathology or audiology, our own American Speech-Language-Hearing Association offers A LOT of good programs that international students are eligible for!

See award programs here:

See mentoring programs here: and


Last updated: Apr 18th 2022